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Towards the research of a non identified scenic form


The theatre group is based in Athens, creates theatrical
performances that encounter contemporary life and aims to research and experiment on stage’s action. Searching for dramaturgies that are not defined by a logic based on text or in a linear story telling, and with little use of technical means, the group orchestrate «moving images» in detail, creating a rhythm for an experience, like a music choreography in present time.

The team of Vasistas is now composed by Argyro Chioti (co-founder of the collective and artistic/stage director), Ariane Labed and Naima Carbajal (co-founders of the collective), Efthimis Theou, Eleni Vergeti, Antonis Antonopoulos, Georgina Chriskioti, Evdoxia Androulidaki.


Some axes of VASISTAS working method:
There is little use of technical means, placing the emphasis on the actor/actress. The performances are made to adapt to all sorts of unusual places (garages, roof terraces, interior courtyards, caves), as well as stage theatres. They are conceived with an international public in mind: we organize the space in a way that favours intimate proximity with the public, through the use of several spoken languages, by exploring live instantaneous translation, and with the use of several disciplines (music, dance, theatre, performing). «Moving images» are orchestrated  in detail, creating a rhythm for a story, like a choreography in present time.

Vasistas is accompanied in the organization and diffusion of the production by Lou Colombani of KOMM’N’ACT, platform for international young creation (Marseille).


Vasistas projects, directed by Argyro Chioti:

Emata/Bloods/Sangs de Efthimis Filippou, new creation Production : Onassis Cultural Centre, 2014, on tour

DOMINO, 2013, on tour


Spectacle, 2011 

Phobia : un spectacle, 2010 

Silence, 2008-09

La petite au chaperon rouge - moi et mon loup, 2007-08

Get over it (Phèdres), 2006-07  

Les collaborations of Vasistas:

Faust of Goethe (for National Theatre of Athens, collectif direction, 2009)

Cassandra of Benedetto Marcello (opéra in collaboration with Latinitas Nostra baroque ensemble and Beggar’s opera, 2009)

Performance in situ ‘Arpagi’ in the frame of the exposition ‘the future starts here’ of artist Stefanos Tsivopoulos in Eleusina, old olive oil factory, June 2012.

Faethon of Dimitris Dimitriadis, stage reading in Onassis Cultural Centre, October 2013

This!, multimedia performance in collaboration with Via Negativa (Ljubljana, 2013) and Bios (Athens, 2014)