Vasistas theatre group new creation: Apologies 4&5 by Efthimis Filippou

A biographical stage poem based on true events. An informal trial. A ceremony of self-identification.The new play of Efthimis Filippou is a lyrical and poetic text which attempts to wander about the internal geography of two people. A dive into the details that compose their lives. A moment of introspection and redetermination. The basic demand: who will achieve to join the women’s choir, - ultimate witness and judge of the trial, who sings the same polyphonic song, again and again, throughout the entire performance.

« I do not do all this for me. I could make a good evaluation and you would not have any sanction. And we would sleep all calm this night. Is that what you want? To not be punished? Is that all? »

Direction: Argyro Chioti

Music Adaptation & Coaching: Henri Kergomar

Costume Designer: Christina Calbari

Scenery: Babis Chiotis

Lighting: Tasos Palaioroutas

Assistant Director: Antonis Antonopoulos

Assistant Dramatist-Director: Artemis Chrysostomidou

Assistant Costume Designer: Iphigenia Daoudaki 


Artistic associate: Ariane Labed


With:Evi Saoulidou, Efthimis Theou, Fidel Talamboukas

Chorus:Eleni Vergeti, Evdoxia Androulidaki, Matina Pergioudaki, Georgina Chryskioti, Argyro Chioti


Production: Festival of Athens & Epidaurus 2016

Co-producers: Vasistas, Komm’n’act (platform for international young creation), NEON, Greek Art Theatre “Karolos Koun”.