What happens right before the fall?
A 'mute' choreography for the fragile present and the uncertain future.

With the focus always remaining on the “survivors”, the group explores the 'domino effect' of an epidemic declination that leads to emergency situations within a community. Attempts of social and human 're-functionalism' before the total collapse are being presented on stage.

Via an interchange of snapshots that alternate on stage in an intense, or other times absurd and nostalgic way, we see fragmented panels of a world coming to an end and the community gradually becoming null and void.

The aesthetic universe and the music and sound design of the performance, originate from old and forgotten recordings of the 19th and early 20th century, as well as by choreographies of the same period of time.

“When you're up to your neck with shit, then there is nothing left to do but to sing”. S. Beckett

Stage Direction: Argyro Chioti | Dramaturgy: Vasistas, Christiana Galanopoulou | Light Design: Tassos Palaioroutas | Costume Design: Pavlos Thanopoulos | Stage Design: Eva Manidaki | assistante director: Daphne Koutra

Domino on stage: 
Efthimis Theou, Georgina Chriskioti, Eleni Vergeti, Antonis Antonopoulos, Evdoxia Androulidaki | And in Greece: Matina Pergioudaki, Babis Galiatsatos, Nikoleta Xenariou, Natassa Papandreou, Natassa Zagli, Aspasia-Maria Alexiou, Rita Litou, Viki Maragaki 

Production | Diffusion of Domino

With the new production 'Domino',  Vasistas open up their work for the first time to ten more people of different age and origin, which in return, participate in the process of creation and final stage action. Initially we work in Greece with a group of ten people and create Domino during 2013.
Afterwards, during the tour of Vasistas abroad, there are two possible ways of presentation:
1.The space that invites Domino, organizes a week, or ten days residence that includes  the core of Vasistas' performers (six actors, OR  only three for the residence and the others three coming only for the performance), as well as a working group from the local community. Vasistas will re-create or “learn” the performance to the new group and finally it will be presented with the new members that would be integrated during the rehearsals. The upper goal is through many travels and many different working groups to form the final international version of Domino, in which some of the members of each community will take part.
The upper goal is to travel a lot in order to create many working groups from which some of the members of each community will take part in the final international version of Domino.  
2.The space invites and presents Domino (greek version) with only seven performers -the core of Vasistas.

KOMM’N’ACT ( | Open Latitudes (3), european project | Theatre Bernardines, Marseille | MIR Festival ( | French Institut in Greece
Support and residences:
Theatre Merlan, national theatre in Marseille | Theatre Bernardines | OZONRAW Magazine 

Next dates:
First  presentation in French Institute of Greece from 23 to 27 September 2013.
Festival Parallele 04, Marseille from 29 January to 1st Fabruary 2014.
ThéâtreTheatre  Merlan in Marseille | residence organized for November 2013.
ThéâtreTheatre des Bernardines, Marseille | co-production, residence and presentation of work as part of Parallele Festival, organized by Komm’n’act, in January 2014.