get over it

Collective writing around Phaedra’s’ Myth

It's the story of the passion of a woman for a man who is passionate about nothing, but whom everyone is passionate about.

Passion itself, as a condition, is not, I believe, only a single element, but several forces, which combat and cross over. Far from being a single emotional state, passion provokes itself, is born, feeds itself, grows, and expresses itself through several desires or mechanisms. I try therefore to dismantle passion, and to bring forth the contradictory forces, which it incarnates

I wish, on stage, during the intense course of energy, of experience, to give now and then, time: to stop and to zoom in on details. Strive to awaken the senses, to unveil faces without masks, and singularities. Dig into what is evident, approach the text from a sensitive standpoint, to discompose entirely the logic of a linear story. There is always a hidden source boiling somewhere inside that is ready to explode and destroy all established order.

The show has no decor, no objects of everyday use. Only a few spotlights, two musical instruments, a pair of stilts. To tell this story the chorus of the four actors alternates between recital and dialogue: reverberate words to action sensitive and physical reaction. Choreographed polyphony, polyglot choreography: each time the echo resounds, the language changes (French, English Spanish Greek¦), the body changes. Crude dialogue, the poetry of the verb mixes with the musicality of the accordion and the bass. An experience is proposed that lasts fifty minutes.

Creation 2005-06
Stage direction: Argyro Chioti
Dramaturgy: Vasistas
with: Naima Carbajal | Denis Forgeron | Ariane Labed | Malwen Voirin Luchessi
Lighting creation: Marion Baldi
Experimental video based on the performance: Isabelle Schneider

La Distillerie, Aubagne, February 2006
Bios, Athens, June 2006
Le Point de Bascule, Marseille, October 2006
Festival //01, Vitez Theatre, Aix en Provence, November 2006
Garage, Aix en Provence, June 2006