Little Red and her riding hood

me and my wolf

A performance based on the different variations of the tale 'Little red riding hood', the play Enter ! By Malwen Voirin, member of Vasistas “ spectacle vivant along with tales of the actors.

Following the dramaturgy of the fairy tale and its firsts verbal French versions, of the 19th century, we strive to discover what it means to be a girl “ any girl, today, anywhere - who becomes a woman,. We focus on an important and determined true-life contradiction: the choice between two routes; the one of cerebral logic, of control, of 'one does or does not' of social normality or that of primitive desire, the truth of body and mind, the uncontrollable; and as such, dangerous. Am I going to take the risk or not?

Four female performers on stage “ three, always in a direct relationship with the spectators - alternate between story-telling and performing the story. The fourth - always keeping a distance from the action - brings the public into the strange and violent world of the fairy tale, by translating live everything that is heard in French, Greek or Spanish, into the language of the public: French, Greek or English.

Creation 2007-08
Stage direction: Argyro Chioti
Scenography : Eva Manidaki
Texts: Malwen Voirin Luchessi, tales and popular stories, vasistas
Lighting: Tasos Palaioroutas

With: Naima Carbajal | Ariane Labed | Rosa Prodromou | Argyro Chioti

Video used for the creation: Isabelle Schneider

Bios, Athens, April 2008
Le Point de Bascule, Marseille, June 2007
˜Informelles' of ˜Les Bernardines', Marseille, October 2007
˜Amore Theatre', Athens, May 2007