The story of a man who decides to change his path (life). He abandons everything in front of everyone. He decides to follow his own path. And now?

œIn the name of who, or of what do we make the choices that determine our life?

Silence is based on the figure of Saint Francis and the book œGod's Pauper by Nikos Kazantzakis. Four actors/story-tellers alternate between being in the action and narrating the story; the story of a man before, while, and after his choice to change path in his life.

In the name of my father I will find a job in silence
In the name of friendship I will use you in silence
In the name of sex open please your legs in silence
In the name of pleasure I will fuck you in silence
In the name of entertainment I will watch TV in silence

Creation 2008-2009

Stage direction: Argyro Chioti
Dramaturgy: vasistas and Denis Forgeron
Costumes: Paul Thanopoulos
Lights: Tasos Palaioroutas

With: Naima Carbajal |Euthimis Theou |Ariane Labed |Rosa Prodromou
Photos of the performance: Christos Kiriakogonas
Presentations of Silence:
104 Center of Art and Letters, Athens, December 2008 and October 2009
L'Eolienne, Marseille, December 2008
Croatia ( Dubrovnic, Split, Zadar), June 2009
Santorini (Boutari's amphitheater), Greece, February 2010
Les Bernardines Theater, Marseille, April 2010