The Divine Comedy

A spiritual road trip. 

A theatrical experience with three stops: Hell, Purgatory and Heaven.  Dante’s monumental “visionary autobiography”, his imaginary journey through the kingdom of the dead.

Faced with the sheer volume of Dante’s trilogy, VASISTAS create a highly concise version of Dante’s text by selecting those sections that convey its deeply personal qualities: the difficult journey made by one individual, from the dark ordeals of the everyday, through times of painful crisis, to life’s light-filled moments of escape; from immersion in a world of shadows, to an exit towards the light.
On stage, a tight, core group of performers will take on the narration by expanding the codes developed over recent years by VASISTAS, who place the expressive power of the body and the musical dimensions of choral forms at the heart of their practice.

Adding to its musical explorations, the performance feature a string quartet, integrated in the scenic action.
Minimalism and electronica interact live, with the use of modern means, thus contributing to the concoction of this particular theatrical experience: the Divine Comedy road trip.
Poet and translator Nikos A Panagiotopoulos, an adept in the medieval tradition and its literature and a celebrated author in his own right, has contributed to the dramaturgy.

Directed by: Argyro Chioti
Dramaturgy: Nikos A. Panagiotopoulos, VASISTAS
Set design: Eva Manidaki
Costume design: Christina Calbari
Lighting design: Tasos Palaioroutas
Sound design: Jan Van de Engel
Musical supervision: Markellos Chrysikopoulos
Artistic associate: Ariane Labed
Dramaturgy assistant: Artemis Chrysostomidou
Director’s assistant: Geli Kalampaka
Assistant to the Set Designer: Myrto Megaritou
Costume Design Assistant:  Ifigeneia Daoudaki
Roller-skating coach: Konstantinos Martzekis
Executive production: Geli Kalampaka, Vassiliki Georgiopoulou

With: Efthimis Theou, Eleni Vergeti, Evdoxia Androulidaki, Antonis Antonopoulos, Georgina Chryskioti, Fidel Talamboukas, Matina Pergioudaki, Yannis Klinis
String quartet: Alexis Karaiskakis Nastos (cello), Phaedon Miliadis / Andrei Nastaza (first violin), Angeliki Kasda (second violin), Giannis Romanos / Ilias Livieratos (viola)
The text of the performance is based on Kostas Kairofyllas’ translation of the Divine Comedy, revised by Nikos A. Panagiotopoulos.

The performance includes poems from Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology, translated in Greek by Spyros Apostolou and published by Gutenberg editions as well as Ezra Pound’s "Cantos XIV and XV", translated in Greek by Giorgos Varsos, published by Patakis editions.

The clothes were provided by ALE, Attrattivo and Triumph.

Production: Onassis Cultural Centre
Co-production: Les Théâtres (France)

International distribution and co-production organisation: KOMM'N'ACT (France)